Modern love

Understanding relationship sluts

You know it’s bad when your aunts and grandmas are commenting on your recently changed relationship status, asking why you have a different guy than last week.

That’s right, you are taken… again. You don’t see a huge problem with it because you’re obviously in love, but your roomie may be freaking out and keeps suggesting you get tested after last week’s weirdo. You don’t think you’re acting easy or stupid, you just genuinely think you have found the one who will make you blissfully happy for life. You’re temporarily, or in some unfortunate cases, permanently, a relationship slut.

Hopping from partner to partner, sometimes you might even have more than one. Playing the field seems like your calling right now, but from the rest of the population, we wish you all the best in figuring your life out as soon as possible. Hopefully you don’t see any of these sloppy contenders as possible spouses. No asking yourself, “This has to be the one, right?” If so, please have your best friend screw your head back on straight.

As far as your friends and family can tell, you’re an emotional virgin. You really want to give your all to a person, but you either have no idea what goes into a relationship or maybe haven’t found anyone worth giving all of your emotions to.

For those of us who are friends and family of relationship sluts, we must grin and bear their ridiculous inspirational quotes of love and loss. I know deep down I secretly love to hear about the newly blossoming love every other week, but at some point we have to remember it’s a figment of our poor friend’s imagination. It is our duty to either give them a lesson in self-esteem or encourage them to seal their unfortunate fate.