Finding work

Career Center aids in job placement

The Career Center at Ferris State University offers a wide variety of services and resources for students seeking job placement upon graduation.

For the 2011-2012 academic year, 88 percent of Ferris graduates in the job market found jobs. Out of that 88 percent, 79 percent found jobs in their field of study.

Ferris senior pharmacy major Megan Gallagher hopes to work in a hospital near her hometown, Traverse City, upon graduation.

“I always hear positive things about job placement for pharmacists, so I don’t worry too much about being able to get a job,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher will do a year-long residency after graduation in order to gain experience before working as a full-time pharmacist.

Gallagher has never looked into services provided by the Career Center.

“I actually don’t even know what kind of services they would provide,” Gallagher said.

The Career Center offers career planning appointments, resume critiques, resume workshops, mock interviews, cover letter critiques, the Bulldog CareerLink and the opportunity to engage employers through Career and Internship Fairs organized each semester.

The Bulldog CareerLink is a computer database that provides a direct link to job listings and allows students to submit applications and schedule interviews with employers.

Students can find the Bulldog CareerLink by logging into MyFSU and searching under the Academics and Services tab.

When deciding what program to study at Ferris, students can begin talking with the Career Center about job opportunities and different occupations.

“The sooner students take the initiative to benefit from career services, the more connections they will make and the better prepared they will be to market themselves appropriately to employers,” coordinator of Student Career Services Mickey Albright said.

According to Albright, employers are seeking three things when making hiring decisions: Does the candidate meet the qualifications of the position? Does the candidate desire the position? Is the candidate a good fit for our team?

“All off these things are relevant to the unique opportunity,” Albright said.