SG funds Queer Monologues

Students will perform sexuality related pieces at D-SAGA’s event

The Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance (D-SAGA) hopes to impact the entire student body with their event the Queer Monologues.

“Queer Monologues is a theatrical performance,” D-SAGA treasurer Krystal Karnofsky said. “Students write their own pieces of their coming out stories, of being an ally and their own perspectives of their sexual orientation and identity.”

Karnofsky presented to the finance division on March 6 where the finance division allocated D-SAGA $319.58 for their event, the Queer Monologues.

“The goal of having the Queer Monologues is to simply support and advocate those who may be oppressed,” Karnofsky said.

Other pre-written stories from other schools will also be performed. After the theatrical performances are done, there will be a question and answer portion.

“The purpose of the debriefing session is to answer any and all questions asked,” Karnofsky said. “It’s also to give information on where to find support, how to be an ally and something new this year, our campaign, ‘Words Matter.’”

Karnofsky said they will promote their campaign this year.

“Words hurt,” Karnofsky said. “Non-inclusive language is damaging and oppressive to our students. Also, it [the campaign] is there to get people to hear the bullying, stop the bullying and the ‘ism’ behaviors; racism, heterosexism, and many more.”

Queer Monologues is part of pride week and will be held April 7 at 7 p.m. in BUS 111.