Student advocate

Ferris student found place in National Organization for Women

Ferris student Brittany Wellman is a self-declared “radical feminist” who advocates for women’s rights.

Wellman, a junior psychology major and women’s studies minor from Greenville, is the vice president of Ferris’ National Organization for Women (NOW).

“I come from a single mother home,” Wellman said. “My mom has always been really encouraging of me to step out of the boundaries that society has given to me and to make my own path in life.”

Wellman’s mother, along with a book she read titled, “How to Be a Woman,” by Caitlin Moran helped Wellman foster her feminist beliefs.

“Being a radical feminist instead of a liberal feminist, I believe that it’s not just the laws that need to be changed… but I believe that it’s the mindset that we need to change,” Wellman said. “We’re trying to help spread the word so people can change the attitudes and the internal belief systems we have as a society.”

Wellman transferred to Ferris last semester and quickly transitioned into a leadership role within NOW.

“I chose Ferris because it was close to home,” Wellman said. “It’s a big school with a lot of opportunities, but has that small feel to it, which I really like because I need that one-on-one to not get too overwhelmed. I feel like I had really found somewhere where I can stay.”

Ferris psychology senior and NOW president Beth Kania said she doesn’t know what she would do without Wellman.

“She is extremely patient, extremely kind, helpful and nice,” Kania said. “She sees the good in everyone.”

As a part of NOW, Wellman and Kania have the opportunity to spread the word about women’s rights. According to Kania, NOW has tabling events, has picketed against domestic violence, participated in Women’s History Month, worked with WISE and Planned Parenthood, and hope to collaborate with Big Brother Big Sisters.

“[NOW members] are advocates for women’s rights,” Wellman said. “That can be economic rights, reproductive rights and general equality in society about feminist issues. We are trying to make people realize how actions geared towards women affect society as a whole.”