Modern love

Six signs it’s time to split

As college students, we occasionally find ourselves in sticky situations. Whether you’re in a dead-end relationship or waking up in bed with a random, sometimes you just need to know when to get out before it’s too late. There are always several warning signs that you and your boo might not be headed for the sunniest of skies – you just have to see them.

  1. You think your relationship is “all right”. Compared to the “magical budding love” you used to describe to your girlfriends or your bros, your current status is a standstill. You don’t feel trapped, but you definitely lost the rose colored glasses you wore the first few months.

  2. You don’t make time for each other. You used to have your dates or weekend getaways planned to the minute, but now you find yourself making plans with other people and even ignoring calls or texts. You’re not intentionally being mean, you just always say you’ll get back to them later. Usually, you don’t.

  3. You fight about everything. Problems used to be discussed between the two of you, but now there is no kissing and making up. Every fight is over something totally unimportant, and you probably don’t care enough to work it out anymore.

  4. You break up and get back together every time – often on the same day. This is probably due to being so “comfortable” with someone. Yes, breaking up is hard to do and you might eat a couple cartons of Ben & Jerry’s, but in the end, cuddles with a pillow or pet will get you by for a while.

  5. You don’t trust each other. Whether the lack of trust stems from cheating, lying or disrespect, it’s probably time to realize that you’re better off ending things. If you can’t be honest with yourself about your emotions and relationships, there’s no way you can be honest with your partner. And if you can’t be honest, what’s the point?

  6. You don’t feel happy. As human beings, we often forget about our own emotions and well-being. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but in the end, you’re really only hurting yourself. Think of the joy you could find when you’re out making yourself happy instead of trying to find someone to do it for you. Don’t settle for the status quo.

Everyone is unique when it comes to love and relationships. No one can tell you what will make you happy; we’re on our own there. Take chances in love and trust your instincts. Don’t waste your time on someone who seems to be pointing you to a dead end.