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Twitter now considering showing views per tweet

Have you ever set up a Snapchat story and reviewed who saw it? Do you wish you could have access to the same level of data on Twitter? A new Twitter experiment is exploring that possibility.

For certain users of a test program, a view counter is displayed underneath their tweets. What constitutes a view on Twitter may simply be a scroll-by on another user’s feed, but it would provide some powerful data for those who want to increase their social prowess. Over time, one could determine which hashtags or content provides the most traffic.

The usefulness of such a feature will vary depending on how you experience your social media. Are you someone who utilizes these systems as a digital diary for yourself to review later, or are you doing it as some form of social acknowledgement of your own personal views? If you lean toward the latter, then this feature could be immensely valuable.

If you are someone who wants some level of reassuring that your well-composed 140 character message to the masses was received by at least a few people, now you just might be able to bask in that self-satisfaction.