Modern love

Have you ever been on a date and the guy didn’t offer to pay? Has a girl ever presumptively slid the check over to you?

We’ve all been there at some point. Besides cluing me in to the fact your bank account is probably a sorry sight, it also shows you’re not a very kind or respectful person. What happened to chivalry, or even common courtesy?

Some days, I find myself wondering where all the genuine, courageous men are. Men who will open the door for me, both shake my dad’s hand and actually look him in the eye, and spend some good quality time with me. Take a girl out to dinner or on a picnic in the park; a date doesn’t have to be anything fancy, even if it’s just a short trip to Pepper’s or the ice rink. Just make an effort.

The same goes for women. We also have a role to live up to, and it’s not the damsel. We too can pay for a nice evening out, give our men gifts just because, and say “I love you” without always needing an instant “I love you” back. Even opening a door once in a while is a nice change-up for guys. Men don’t have to pamper us. We can take care of them just as well as they can take care of us.

These ideas are not “old-fashioned” – they’re nice gestures to express love and gratitude. If you don’t care enough to open a car door for a girl once in a while, you need a reality check. Doing these small but meaningful things makes someone feel loved and appreciated. That alone should be reason enough to get a little chivalrous once in a while.