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Track your drinking tastes with Untappd and Delectable

The art of drinking tends to gradually evolve from “what’s the cheapest way to get drunk quickly?” to “maybe I could actually enjoy what I’m drinking.” Once access to alcohol becomes uninhibited by hurdles like age and funds, purchasing drinks can become a bit more complicated.

Two apps have established their places as must-haves for beer and wine drinkers: Untappd and Delectable, respectively.

Both apps allow users to log in and rate what they are drinking and peruse feedback from other users and experts based on what they are drinking or planning on drinking.

They also allow for a social aspect. Users can include photos of their drinks with check-ins, which friends can like and comment on.

The services’ most useful features are valuable when shopping at a store with a wide variety of options. By checking the app of choice, users can identify a beer or wine either by browsing those personally recommended based on previous check-ins and ratings or by scrolling through the selections and ratings of other users.

An added incentive specific to Untappd is the presence of badges, which are earned by accomplishing certain drinking goals. Some of these, like drinking so many different varieties over time, show long term progress. Others, such as the one for downing 12 different beers in one day, celebrate short-term achievements.

All of these services provide a way to take drinking beyond something done in the secrecy of a dorm room or house party. It’s yet another example of how technology can improve recreation.