Turn Up the Good

Concert seeks to introduce students to smaller, local acts

As music industry students prepare for Turn Up the Good, they aren’t feeling too much pressure.

“If it’s down to the wire and it feels like crunch time, that’s usually a bad sign,” said Dan Cronk, the coordinator for the music industry management program. “We don’t have that feeling, so I’d say it’s going as well as it should.”

Much like the most recent Autumn aLive concert, Turn Up the Good will host a handful of Michigan musical talent. Nortroniks, TerniduP and MARCUTIO will perform a variety of electronic dance music. Although these bands are local, MIMA members claim this decision was unintentional.

“We didn’t plan it that way, actually,” music industry management senior Seth Luplow said, “but all three artists being from Michigan ties into the theme we had with this year’s Autumn aLive, and we like highlighting smaller artists as well, the guys who make great music but don’t receive a lot of attention.”

Instead of hosting Turn Up the Good at Ewigleben Sports Complex, the site of the first three Turn Up the Goods, the event will be at The Gate.

“We wanted to continue the relationship we formed with The Gate, for sure,” Cronk said, “but having it at The Gate instead of at the arena gives it a feel that I think a lot of modern concerts are missing: closeness. You miss out on something when you’re at a packed concert sitting yards away from the artist, so we definitely wanted a more intimate setting.”

Turn Up the Good will be what Cronk referred to as a “360 experience.” In addition to the concert, a variety of activities will be available for guests.

“There’s going to be face painting, someone with a light-up hula hoop, some stilt walkers; there’s definitely going to be a lot to do,” Luplow said.

Like previous concerts MIMA has hosted, Cronk said the benefit of students attending Turn Up the Good was to gain an experience.

“I want to bring that intimate style of concerts back and I want students to have access to acts they wouldn’t normally see. I want it to be a good experience all around,” Cronk said.

DJ Basshead won the DJ competition leading up to Turn Up the Good and will be opening the concert.

Turn Up the Good is this Saturday at 9 p.m. Tickets are available at the MIM office and from MIM students for $5. Tickets will be $10 at the door.