Drag ain’t a drag

Last year’s drag show winner talks about what drag means to him

One of the staples of the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance’s spring Pride Week is the drag show, which allows students to compete among professional drag artists.

As the end to the spring Pride Week, DSAGA’s annual drag show is meant to end the week with a celebration of gay culture.

Tim Mulligan, the winner of the “Miss Hot Crimson” award for best drag performance at last year’s show, said what he liked best about performing was that it gave him the chance to become another person for one night.

Mulligan, a sophomore in the hospitality management program first decided to start competing last year after watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” a drag-themed reality competition show.

“My friends introduced me to ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ last year,” Mulligan said, “and soon after that I went to my first drag show at Rumors [a gay bar in Grand Rapids].”

Having gained the interest, Mulligan competed and won the student section of last year’s drag competition under his drag alias, Devona Skye.

“I don’t really remember how I chose my name,” Mulligan said. “I know that I had heard the name Devona before and it just kinda resonated with me; it felt right. And Skye I’m not so sure, it just sounded good together.”

Mulligan said his favorite part about performing was that he got the chance to show the audience an alternate side of himself that even his friends didn’t normally see. In drag competitions, Mulligan thinks he may have begun what could turn out to be a life-long hobby.

“What I like about drag is that I get to become another version of me for a night,” Mulligan said. “I get to create a second persona of myself that normally isn’t seen by the world. I do think I’ll be competing for a long time. I like the stage and hearing how excited people are to see me perform. I’m a people pleaser and so to know that people liked watching me and enjoyed what I did made it that much better.”

Mulligan, still the reigning “Miss Hot Crimson” will be competing at this year’s drag show, which will take place at The Gate on April 10 at 8 p.m. In addition to the student performances, there will be professional performers. Admission for the drag show is free.