Modern love

Be better than your breakup

Eventually, all good things must end. After a breakup, we feel vulnerable, sad and maybe a little wild with the newfound freedom. When you’re fresh out of a relationship, always remember the following rules of breakup etiquette.

Every time you think of your ex, don’t call or text him or her. I’m sure he or she would love to hear what brings back memories, but please, refrain from telling your ex. The two of you need space, not to be thinking of each other all the time.

Don’t make plans to “hang out” or just “watch a movie”. Everyone knows what that leads to – don’t kid yourself. Hang out with friends or have a night focusing on yourself instead.

Of all things, please don’t cut your hair or do anything crazy. Hair takes a while to grow back or wash the dye out of, so anything you do will be fairly permanent. Not everyone can pull off neon pink locks or gnarly dreads.

When you see your friends happy, don’t be jealous. If you celebrate their happiness when you’re down, it can only bring you back up that much quicker. They may be so happy they will even help find you a new mate.

Never binge drink or eat your problems away. The most that will do is create more problems for you, like late homework, hangovers, and food babies. Sure, you can splurge and have fun after a relationship ends, but don’t get too caught up.

Stay clear of new relationships, especially with someone who’s clearly wrong for you. Having fun is totally okay, but getting serious with someone new right away is always a no-no. It doesn’t matter how tempting they are, don’t do it.

Bottom line, you need to give yourself time to heal. Don’t get too down about a breakup or go too buck-wild either. When one door closes, another one opens. Put yourself out there and stay positive and you will find someone when the time is right.