Student Government President named

Student involvement increases

With 181 votes, the current Ferris student government president Andrew Kalinowski has won the student government presidential election for the 2014-15 year.

Kalinowski ran against Ferris Administrative Assistant Amanda Jewell for the 2014-15 presidential election. Jewell came in behind Kalinowski with 86 votes.

Kalinowski and Jewell ran as write-in candidates for the election. They both had not had two consecutive semesters in student government prior to the election so they could not be placed on the ballot.

A total of 272 votes were cast in this election, an increase from the 67 total votes cast in the 2013-14 Ferris student government presidential election. Out of the 272 votes cast, 269 were approved. There was one duplicate vote and two voters could not be confirmed as current Ferris students. An additional vote was cast as a “test” vote and one student voted for a senator but not for president.

Kalinowski, a Stevensville, Mich., native and Ferris professional golf management and accounting major has served as the Ferris student government president since his induction in December, 2013. Kalinowski replaced Erin Williams, the former student government president.

More information about the student government election will be available in the April 23 print edition of the Torch.