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Why you really should consider dating a feminist

I am here to tell you there is much more to feminism than just angry women who sit around talking down on men and discussing hairy legs.

These women know what they want; they’re confident and strong in everything they do. A feminist mindset is about achieving greatness and being an individual. They have an “idgaf” attitude and there’s a slim chance you’ll make them feel like a victim any time soon. They’re also open to going “dutch,” which means you won’t always have to pay.

If you can’t satisfy your feminist, she can always satisfy herself. She’s used to finishing the job when a man can’t get it right, so she is more than happy to take the reins. Though be prepared to hear her perfect steps to success if you let her take over.

She can think for herself, she’s educated, and she doesn’t need anyone’s approval to get where she needs to be. No one is more empowered to reach her potential than a feminist. She doesn’t want your help; she’s smart, well-rounded and probably knows what she’s doing better than you know the back of your hand.

No matter what, a true feminist will treat you like an equal. If you have a “make me a sandwich” mindset, you are in the wrong place when looking to date a feminist. Your girl will expect you to cook, clean and open the door for her just as much as you expect her to do the same. In fact, if you even propose the idea of “womanly duties” to her, she’ll probably laugh in your face and kick you to the curb.

Dating a feminist doesn’t always mean dating a headstrong woman, or even a woman for that matter. The bottom line is, when women and men respect each other in a relationship, both partners are treated as equals. This equality will often ensure a healthy balance.