45 years of service

Ferris faculty member recognized for long-term devotion

One Ferris faculty member was recognized for 45 years of service at Ferris.

Research and Instruction FLITE Librarian Ann Breitenwischer has been a part of the Ferris community for 45 years and counting. Breitenwischer was recognized during the Ferris Employee Service Award Celebration held from 3 to 5 p.m. on April 23 at the Big Rapids Holiday Inn.

“Over the years Ferris has been a wonderful place to work,” Breitenwischer said. “They have a very bright future.”

Breitenwischer has an interest in education. She started as a teacher and wanted to diversify her education, so she pursued a master’s program in library science.

“Now the degree is more commonly referred to as a Master’s in information,” Breitenwischer said. “It’s broader and in this day and age, that’s what we need.”

Ferris sophomore social work major Hailey Sewell uses library resources often when she’s working on research papers for classes.

“Librarians are important when it comes to research and when online sources aren’t giving you enough information or the right information,” Sewell said. “They’re there to help.”

When Breitenwischer is not at work, she enjoys the outdoors, art, architecture programs and music programs.

“In the last several years, they have offered the Festival of the Arts program here in February, and it’s a nice break from the outside,” Breitenwischer said.

Over the years, Breitenwischer has seen Ferris transform in many ways. The hockey program, optometry building and the making of multiple master’s programs are all things she has been able to witness.

Breitenwischer said her favorite aspect of being a librarian is the student body and being able to work with people every day.

“There are different challenges working with people, not only with what they are trying to accomplish, but because they all have such different personalities,” Breitenwischer said. “You have to understand all of the different things about people.”