Finance division allocates large funds

SG branch holds last meeting, distributes thousands of dollars

The finance division allocated more than $80,000 for events and travel for Ferris registered student organizations at their last meeting of the school year.

Club sports were approved an allocation of $50,000 at the finance division meeting on April 24.

“Funding from the student activity fund helps us encourage the growth and development of the club sports program by giving us the funds to promote the program nationwide,” said upcoming Vice President of Club Sports Council Brianna Slager.

Every year the finance division allocates money to RSOs out of the student activity fee. The student activity fee is an automatic $20 charge on a Ferris student’s account that is refundable within the first four days of the semester.

The student activity fee was created to allow “more campus activities, develop a stronger student organization system and enhance the quality of life,” according to the Student Activity Fund Philosophy packet from the fall of 1991.

This fee goes toward campus speakers, entertainers, helps RSOs attend conferences and assists club sports with their travel expenses and equipment.

For the 2014-15 school year, there will be 20 club sports including new sports such as Crossfit, baja racing, formula hybrid racing, tournament fishing, cheer, women’s volleyball and disk sport.

“[Our goals include] promoting the program more actively and effectively,” said upcoming Club Sports Council President Rachel Crane. “We also want to improve our leadership training workshops.”

The approved allocation for club sports went to the general assembly of student government yesterday because the amount allocated exceeded $2,000. The result was not available at press time.

The homecoming committee also went before the general assembly of student government for their approved allocation from the finance division of $21,411.77 for the homecoming comedian in the fall. The result was not available at press time.

Eight RSOs were approved funding from the finance division for events, travel and conferences.