Today’s Tech

“1 Second Everyday” allows you to never forget a day

With everyone having smartphones and using every form of social media as well as whatever game has everyone’s attention, remembering each day for what it is can be a challenge.

Based on a project by Cesar Kuriyama, “1 Second Everyday” allows users to compile videos from all their apps and edit them all down to a single second. Each clip gets timestamped and placed onto a calendar. When you complete a series of clips, you can compile the collection into a single video.

This app began as a Kickstarter project based on his original video, cataloging a year and a half of his own life in one second a day form. This app allows you to document your life the same way.

This app follows the trend of creating short social media posts. From Instagram’s 15 second limit, Vine’s 6 second limit, 140 characters on Twitter, 31 characters on Snapchat, all of the most popular apps feature such limits, representative of how we like to condense our stories to the most condensed, to the point form.