6 things to learn about your roommate

If you’re going to live with them, you’ll have to learn how to deal with them

Music industry management freshman Kari Bosen shared some important information regarding sleeping in the dorms.

“Finding out their study habits and preferences in the room are a pretty big thing,” Bosen said. “Knowing if they can sleep with noise or not is crucial. Do they prefer the light on or off? Can they sleep with music or the TV on? What about with the window open?”

One day you may move off campus and have your own space, but until then, be mindful of that light switch.


Dirty dishes everywhere. Keeping up on chores is one of the biggest challenges for a college student. Find out immediately whether your new roomie vacuums once a week or once a season. Keep yourself ahead of the grime before it piles up too quickly.

Party animal or party pooper?

If there’s going to be a banger every Thursday night, it’d be better to buy the noise cancelling headphones now than to spend even one sleepless night glaring at the walls.

If you’re the one throwing the parties, well, at least make sure they can’t blame you for not warning them.

How often will there be socks on the door?

Whether your roomie is in a long-term relationship or they’re more into hooking up, you want to know what you’ll be walking in on (or what you’ll be hearing). This will help you avoid any awkward situations when your roommate is getting it on.

Recreational activities

Your roommates are going to have many hobbies, some legal and some illegal. If you have to ask if you should be worried about your parents finding anything when they help you move in, it’s better sooner than later.

Night owl or octogenarian?

One of the biggest challenges about having roommates is the variance in time of day you’re up and about. You don’t want to be woken up by the sad attempts of your roommates guitar.


We’re talking about cat fur everywhere. Demand your roommate supply a bucket of lint rollers and the best Swiffer you can buy if Captain Fluffy McShedders is going to go H.A.M. on the couch.