Modern love

Open your eyes to college dating

One of the certainties of college-apart from stress and a horrific amount of homework-is that, eventually, you will get laid.

Beginning with move-in day, there is nothing quite like the college life. There are attractive young people just like you wandering around campus looking to meet new people. Now that you’ve aced high school, you’ve got this in the bag.

There are no more parents lurking around or checking up on you; you have unlimited freedom to hang out or go home with whoever you want. Meet a cutie at Shooters? #YOLO! Bring them back to your dorm room if you want, just make sure not to wake your roommate.

No matter what kinds of trouble you get yourself into, always remember, there will probably be a walk of shame. Those pumps that make your calf muscles bulge just the right the night before are going to hurt in the worst way the morning after, so be sensible. Same goes for your outfit and your hair – just imagine the atrocities that can form after a long night.

The walk of shame can be both painful and helpful. The lessons learned from that one awkward encounter with the cute guy in biology that you have to stare at all week help in a way.

And finally, if you haven’t heard of Tinder yet, jump on the bandwagon. This phone app will show you all the single hotties that are around, so you can have Ferris’ singles at your fingertips. Just be careful who it is you’re hooking up with – no one wants a creeper on their hands. Sometimes parents’ advice about strangers is on-point.