Park it Perfect

Tips and tricks to avoid getting tickets on campus

For students at Ferris State University, one of the more frustrating things on campus may be parking, but that problem can be solved with one simple solution. Follow the rules.

Austin Wallace, a freshman in the nursing program at Ferris, had one piece of advice for everyone when it comes to parking.

“Don’t park at McDonalds and expect to not get a ticket,” Wallace said. “I racked up quite a few parking tickets from McDonalds early in my first semester before I knew about some of the other commuter lots on campus. All the lots have signs that tell you whether or not you can park there, so definitely pay attention to those.”

Parking lots throughout campus have designated lot numbers, are color coordinated and also tell you whether it is a commuter parking lot, residence hall parking lot, faculty and staff parking lot, or a visitor spot. Parking in a restricted area carries an initial $20 fee and is increased to $25 if the fee is not paid within five days.

Meter parking spots are also placed throughout campus and are available to all students, faculty, staff and visitors regardless of what lot they are located. You must pay a fee of 25 cents per half hour at the meter and most meters hold a maximum of two hours. Parking meters by Williams Auditorium, though, only allot thirty minutes.

Kyle Bergman, Ferris public relations junior advises students to get to class early to find a parking spot, as most commuter lots fill up fast.

“I always try to get to class a little bit early. The commuter lots at the business building fill up pretty fast some days,” Bergman said. “There have been days where I’ve drove circles around the business building commuter lot looking for a spot and some days when you pull in and find a spot right away. Either way, I just try to get there early so I make sure I find a spot.”

In order to get a parking permit, you must show a valid driver’s license and current state vehicle registrations. Fall, spring, and summer permits are available for $100. Permits for motorcycles and mopeds are also available for $35 for the fall, spring, and summer.

To pick up a parking permit you can visit the Ferris State Department of Public Safety. Parking permits can be purchased Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The office is also open seven days a week and 24 hours a day for any additional information about parking and temporary parking permits.