Party Savvy

Don’t get caught in a bad spot

College! That means wicked awesome parties, right? They’ll be just like the movies, with the best music playing and the hottest kids dancing, each party better than the last. It’ll be the time of your life, maybe, as long as you protect yourself. Don’t just protect yourself from others, you’ll have to watch out for yourself, too.

Don’t do it alone
Parties are great for meeting people, but you always want a safety net. If everyone is lame, trashed or maybe smells a little funky, you need to have a corner to retreat to.

More people also means more info. Your friends can give you the low-down on who’s who at the party and where the next, less lame party is.

Have a Designated Driver

Don’t take chances. You know those public service announcements about how buzzed driving is drunk driving? It’s no joke. Don’t endanger yourself, and don’t endanger others.

It’s also important to remember a good designated driver is worthwhile. This way you can go to the party safely and can focus on having a good time when you arrive. Get a friend with a minivan to take you on to the next one.

Keep in touch

What’s the point of a DD if you lose them? Keep your friends close and your phone closer (and fully charged, for that matter). If plans change, let a friend know. The last wake-up call you want is the police pounding on the door, called by a frantic roomie.

Know your drink

Be wary of what you’re drinking. There are many people out there: some sinister, some ignorant and some just down for a laugh. Know your limits and stick to them because you don’t want to end up hidden behind sunglasses and wrapped around a toilet all morning.


Duh. Water will be your saving grace.

Respect the residence

It’s not your place so don’t smash it up. We all want to turn up, but hosts of parties don’t want their stuff broken. Oddly, people seem less likely to rage repeatedly when they lose their security deposit.

Also, tip your hat to the host. It’s pretty awesome of them to risk their place being trashed so you could work out those school-heightened hankerings. Respect them, for they are angels with great spaces for drinking.

Know what you’re getting into

So you’re going to a “party.” Cool. A party could be ten friends drinking wine and watching a movie or it could be a massive drunken block party with DJs and dancing. Is it BYOB or is the jungle juice free flowing? Will your space be respected or will drunken bros be grinding on everyone in site? Find out what you’re diving into and prepare yourself properly.


Feel free to chat. We’re all there to escape the cramp of awkward social norms, eye contact aversion and keeping to cliques. Discover someone new, even if it’s only for five minutes while you wait for the bathroom.

Have fun

Seriously. College doesn’t last forever. Just don’t get arrested.