Graphic By Cailey Pawluk
Graphic By Cailey Pawluk

For those of you considering Ferris, welcome to campus.

As you walk around and look at this foreign concept that you may soon be calling your school, keep a few things in mind.

I learned this quickly in college, the people you went to high school with that ended up at Ferris alongside you, whether you liked them or not, will be overly polite to you whenever you see them.

You might be shocked, but it wears off pretty quickly.

The other scary reality about orientation is that the person that you’re quickly becoming close to during your tour is someone that won’t recognize or acknowledge your existence come September.

Once you’ve tackled that, you may get the opportunity to check out the Rock or one of the other campus

The Rock is wildly convenient most days, offering a wide variety of food choices, but its hours of operation tend to land students in trouble with the infamous freshmen fifteen. Eat with care, and fourth meal in moderation. You may get sick of eating at the same place every day, but it really could be a lot worse.

Now for the part everyone is apprehensive about: moving into a residence hall.

You may think having the party roommate is all fun and games, but when you have sociology paper due at 8 a.m. on a Friday morning, you’ll quickly realize that the mess and the weekly “Thirsty Thursday” celebration is old hat. The good news is you can switch if you want.

It’s ideal to have a quiet roommate. You can sleep when you want, study when you want, and generally enjoy true peace and quiet, which is rare at college.

The room is small, but at Ferris, you are blessed with your own bathroom.

Your suitemates may take awhile in there, but thank the lord you don’t have to use dreaded community bathrooms.

Ferris did tell you to ‘Imagine More,’ but I promise you if you imagine more WiFi, you will be sorely underprepared.

Buy an Ethernet cord. You won’t regret it.

After speaking with the staff at the Torch, I have discovered that the constant factor in “Why they love Ferris” is the people, so be at ease, nervous newcomers.

In college, you will make good and bad decisions and you will study long into the night.

Just don’t blink; it’ll be over before you know it.