Getting down on campus

If at first you don’t sex-ceed, try something else

There are many things to be said for going to college far from home, but the best thing about venturing outside of your comfort zone is the previously unheard of amount of privacy you will have.

For the first time probably ever you will be able to leave behind all those kids you went to high school with who, after twelve years together, you’re ready to not see again until the five year reunion. College lacks the inane drama that plagued the hallways of your high school, and no longer do you have to tiptoe around for fear of somebody catching wind of the parts of your personal life that aren’t their business anyway.

In short, it’s the perfect place to have sex.

College is the opportune time to do a little self-exploration. Let’s talk sex, shall we? I suppose we should start at the way most people below college age are exposed to sex: sex education class and porn, which teach us that one man lays on top of one woman, there’s a few minutes of thrusting, and then it’s over. According to sex ed., sex usually ends in either a baby, chlamydia, or both. According to porn, sex ends with…well, you know what, we’ll save that for another day. Point is, neither is exactly true.

You’ll soon learn, upon making an eclectic variety of friends, that most college kids have one thing in common. They love talking about sex. It’s the only time in your life in which talking about all the sex you’re having (or, more likely, lying about having) will be appropriate dinner conversation. Enjoy it while it lasts. And while you’re friends might only be talking about heterosexual relations, believe it or not, other methods do indeed exist. For those entering their freshman year with the underlying knowledge that they might not exactly be straight, congratulations, there’s a good segment of people on campus who feel the same way – and they all enjoy having sex too.

In the outside world, two men having sex carries this weird stigma called “being gay.” In reality, it’s really just two men going at it the same way one man and one woman do, but with all the negative hype surrounding homosexuality, it’s easy to understand why one wouldn’t want to speak up about their feelings.

Thankfully, you live in a relatively judgment free segment of society while you’re at college, and by the end of it you won’t really care what all the out-of-touch, right wing, pundits have to say about your lifestyle. Homosexual sex does indeed exist and, if we’re to believe scientific observation, more pleasurable than heterosexual sex, at least when applied to two dudes getting down.

And then, there’s something that doesn’t get talked about much in high school at all: multiple partner relationships. If you’re the kind of person who finds it difficult to stay committed to one person, a polyamorous relationship probably isn’t for you. It is not, as one might think, an excuse for one man to live amongst multiple insatiable whores, it actually is one person in a relationship with multiple others.

If you’re the kind that (for some reason) really enjoys commitment, this might be for you. If you have trouble keeping one relationship going, you don’t need two more.

Everybody in the world has a different idea of what “good sex” is. Now is your time to find out, because I guarantee you won’t come in to college being the swaggering sex god you hoped you’d be by this point. Advice from someone who struggled to find their sexual identity freshman year: be a try-sexual, try everything and anything at least once.