The Torch has left more than a few practices in the past to open the 2014-15 academic year.

The most prominent change was that in our deal with the Big Rapids Pioneer to handle our advertising business.

In that way, it allows us to focus on a more journalistic approach as opposed to a full business approach. This change is a step in the direction of a pure journalism entity for the benefit of the faculty, staff and student body of Ferris State.

While this has added to significant staff turnover, it has started a new era in journalism at Ferris.

The Torch has also reached 3.0. Our third endeavor into a new website has been successful and is more reader friendly and modern than its predecessors. Torch website 2.0 officially lasted four publication years from 2009-2013.

One of our former staff members wrote the “Today’s Tech,” column for most of his career at the Torch, even after leaving the Big Rapids campus. Today’s Tech will be retired with Brock Copus, our now former multimedia editor’s departure from Ferris.

Likewise, Bulldog Babble will be leaving the paper. The weekly online poll question will be leaving at least temporarily due to a lack of participation which sometimes lead to answers that the Torch felt misrepresented the student body. Athlete of the Week has departed from sports in a way, but is being replaced by Top Dawg.

The Top Dawg is the top member of the athletic community in a single week. This is a subjective piece that will be voted on by Torch staff members based on performance, thus some members of the community may see themselves in it more than once.

A few new standard pieces will be gaining traction in the paper. Modern Love which debuted in February 2014, will remain a staple in the paper. Artist of the Week has also been added to the mix to give the Lifestyles section a well-rounded artistic feel.

Our changes are to spice up the life of the paper that has become somewhat stale in tradition.