Digging up old bones

Theatre Department brings the Addam’s family to Ferris

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, and altogether ‘ooky- the Addam’s Family!

We all know the story of the Addam’s family. They’re the weirdest family anyone would have the misfortune to meet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a good show to see on stage.

The Ferris Theater department will be hosting the Addam’s Family musical in time for Halloween.

Professor of Theatre Arts and Theatre Coordinator Katherine LaPietra provided a sneak peek of the musical’s plot from Theatrical Rights Worldwide.

“If I had to come up with my own [description of the Addam’s family], I’d say creepy and strange, but loyal, crazy and strangely lovable,” LaPietra said.

As the curtain rises, the last dead leaf of autumn falls, and all is right with the macabre world of the Addam’s Family. They are visiting the graveyard for an annual gathering of all family members (living, dead and undecided) to celebrate what it is to be an Addams.
t the end of the ritual, Uncle Fester announces that they have a problem, Wednesday, that ‘irresistible bundle of malice’ has grown up and fallen in love with a boy from Ohio-a normal boy. Now with him and his parents coming to visit, two worlds are about to collide.

All students are welcome to audition for the musical.

“People sign up for an acting spot as well as a singing part,” Ferris Music Director Lois Newton said. “Students will get a chance to do a little acting and improvisation during their audition. During the singing auditions, we’ll get a chance to hear how well students can sell a tune.”

Although anyone is able to audition, the directors have a set of standards that anyone auditioning need to meet.

“We’re looking for people with experience in high school musicals or other musicals here at Ferris,” Newton said. “The more experience a person has, the easier it is to work with them. We’re also looking for people with experience in dance, as there are dance sequences in this play.”

There’s a lot more to a show than just acting and singing, so there are plenty of other ways to help out for those who are interested.

“We’re always looking for people to work on costumes,” Newton said. “We’ll need prop people to make sure we have the right props in the right place in the right time, [and] we’ll also need help with lights as well as painting and building the set.”

Steve Yerian, a senior in Television and Digital Media Production, has twelve years of experience in theatre, four of them being at Ferris. Yerian will be choreographing a fight scene in the musical.

“I believe the Addam’s Family was a good choice for the musical because it is very family oriented,” Yerian said.  “Adults, teens and college students all know who the Addams family is and I believe that parents will enjoy taking their kids to the play all while enjoying the experience themselves. Also, if the women have trouble bringing the men to the play, this is one even the men will enjoy as well.”

Auditions for the musical will be on September 2-4 at 6:30 p.m. in Williams Auditorium.