Faces of Ferris

Allegra Babiarz

Allegra Babiarz Senior, pre-optometry
Allegra Babiarz
Senior, pre-optometry  
You can’t be a true bulldog if you haven’t attended an Entertainment Unlimited (EU) event on campus.

Vice President of Internal Affairs of EU, Allegra Babiarz, can be found behind the scenes on these occasions.

“With funds allocated from Finance Division, we bring culturally diverse, as well as, entertaining events to campus,” Babiarz said.

For Founder’s Day, EU hosted a silent disco dance to North Quad to celebrate Ferris’ 130th anniversary, and brought us Karmin, Reel Big Fish and more great artists for Ferris Fest last April.

Babiarz designates her time to more than just Entertainment Unlimited. She also polishes up on her professional development as the Senior MCO chair for Pre-Optometry Club.

“The MCO chair coordinates student volunteers from the Pre-Optometry Club to be matched with faculty members at the  Michigan College of Optometry,” Babiarz said. “This offers great experience to the student to see what is really happening across the street.”
Babiarz also hosts  events outside of her program like the 30-Hour Famine.

“[The 30-Hour Famine] is a huge world hunger event that I host in the middle of October that raises money and food for hunger both locally and abroad,” Babiarz said. “Last year, I had about 80 participants.”

When she isn’t spending her time giving back to the Ferris community or ending world hunger, you can find Allegra doodling on her etch-a-sketch or playing her flute. She also enjoys playing sports.

Originating from Elk Rapids, MI, Babiarz brought her lively personality, her drive and her passion to leave her mark as one of the many faces of Ferris.