Modern love

Going the extra mile

You wouldn’t understand a long distance relationship if you haven’t had one.

For those of us that decided to take the path less traveled, it can get rather bumpy at times. Lucky for my fellow travelers out there, I’ve had two years of experience on this road so I’ve learned a few tricks along the way. 

Give your significant other something of yours to keep while you’re apart. It’s might be something small, but it’s nice to be able to hug something when you’re missing them. A sweatshirt sprayed with perfume or cologne is always a good choice.

Know each other’s schedules.  There’s nothing more frustrating than texting someone and having no idea why they haven’t responded in three hours.  Knowing their schedule will help manage both of your expectations.  Dedicate some time to having a distraction-free conversation once a day.  Communication is a delicate, but crucial aspect of long distance relationships and should be handled with care.  Skype is your best friend.

Plan regular visits! It can put a lot of strain on the both of you not knowing when you’ll see each other next.  It’s also nice to have something to look forward to.

It might feel like you have enough of this as is, but make sure you allow each other some alone time. Dealing with college, work, life and a long distance relationship can get rough. Make sure you both get some “me” time to unwind and enjoy yourself.

Finally, one of the biggest issues I’ve seen with long distance relationships is trust. Trust is an essential piece of the foundation in any relationship, but even more so when you aren’t around each other often. If you don’t have trust in each other, you’re basically destined for a crash.

As long as you’re both willing to work together, you’ll be in for a smooth ride.