Off the record with Jake Lampman

Ferris State senior wide-receiver opens up on how he gets open

Bulldog football’s veteran wide-out, Jake Lampman, is entering his final season in crimson and gold. Lampan sheds light on his high hopes to continue his football career following the collegiate level, along with sharing a glimpse into what make this receiver tick.

Torch-First off, what was your journey to Ferris State from high school like?
JL-It was a pretty smooth transition. It’s easy to move away from home knowing that you’re going to be introduced to one hundred plus friends that you become really close with because of football.


Torch-Was there anyone one the team that gave you crap because you were the new guy when you first arrived in camp your freshman year?
JL-Surprisingly no. When you come in, there are some people on the team that will give you a little bit of crap just to see if you have a good sense of humor. It’s their way of finding out who you are in a weird way.


Torch-What about you? Do you put any Icy-Hot in any freshmen underpants? Hey man, there’s no judging here.
JL- (Laughs) No. We have a few traditions that we use. For instance, the offensive line will always give each other crazy haircuts, and we will make young guys get up and tell a joke. Today (Aug. 29) we are making everyone on offense paint their jerseys on their bodies, something like that, but we have a lot of respect for our young guys.


Torch- (Laughs) Looking back, what is your favorite memory of your first years as a Ferris State football player?
JL-Definitely traveling. I’d say the biggest impact would be just getting to know the people who have become my roommates and best friends.


Torch-What emotions do you feel when you realize that this is your final season wearing the number eight jersey for Ferris?
JL- It’s bittersweet. I’m just blessed that I’ve been able to be a part of this team and I’m hoping I’ve made a lasting impact. With that said I’m hoping to continue football as long as I can.


Torch- Are you taking that number eight home with you?
JL- (laughs) We’ll see if I can get a hold of it.


Torch- Do you feel as though there might be a pro jersey with your name on the back in the future?
JL- I’m hoping so! My first goal is to finish this season and finish my degree and then hopefully God will continue to open doors for me through football. I have had a few looks so far, but my team’s success this year means more.


Torch- Ok, so I’m a corner who is pressed up in man-to-man coverage, and you are split out wide left to Jason’s open side, how do you beat me? And, I ain’t no slappy either, I am borderline Darrell Revis.
JL- (laughs) Coach Sparky McEwen has been an unbelievable coach and has taught me multiple release moves off of press coverage, so I’d use one of those.


Torch- One thing that most people don’t know about you? And, you can be honest, we are all friends here.
JL-I play the ukulele (laughs).


Torch- For the ladies, right?
JL-(laughs) No no, I am taken.


Torch-Ok, well apart from making women faint with your ukulele strumming, what can we find you doing on the weekends?
JL-Playing football (laughs).


Torch- I walked right into that one I guess. What do you want your Bulldog legacy to be?
JL- Obviously football would be a legacy that I would want to leave, but also just being respectful to the faculty and fellow students. So, that when I leave they’ll remember me not just as a football player, but someone who has respect for the university.