Life in the pep band

Music breeds team atmosphere

Cailey Pawluk, Production Manager
Despite the tight, demanding schedule, Ferris’ Pep Band will assure you that being in the band is one of the most important and rewarding aspect of their lives.

The Pep Band can be spotted at almost all FSU home sporting events, parades and the occasional on-campus event, such as Relay for Life and Backyard Bash. Add in bi-weekly rehearsals, meetings and the time put in to retain their musical skill, and you’ve got the hectic life of a Pep Band member.

“Daily life basically revolves around Pep Band,” respiratory therapy senior Megan YhaszPratt said.

YuhaszPratt is also a student conductor, so she enjoys a little bit busier of a schedule than other members.

“We can have six games in a weekend, so that pretty much takes up your whole weekend,” YuhaszPratt said. “We have to learn how to be masters in time management.”

Aside from its musical activities, the Pep Band members love the social and networking opportunities that allow for valuable connections.

“At the beginning of last year before Pep Band started, I was just sitting in my room all the time,” criminal justice sophomore and student conductor Nick Sawicki said. “If I wasn’t in Pep Band, I honestly don’t know if I would have met as many people—now it’s just like my little family.”

The members of Pep Band especially enjoy being able to simply express and share their love of music with like-minded people.

“I joined because I like playing my instrument, but the thing I like most about Pep Band is all the people,” graphic design sophomore Ian Goodrich said. “I mean, I honestly can’t think of anybody in Pep Band who isn’t a great person.”

Pep Band camaraderie goes beyond just making great friends. The members make sure they are always there for each other. Beyond their shared love of music, they also take interest in each other’s well-being.

“If you ever need any help with life or with your classes,” Goodrich said, “you can feel free to ask all the people in Pep Band and they’ll be glad to help you.”

YuhaszPratt, who has a serious type of diabetes that causes her multiple medical problems, also found her support system through the Pep Band over her years here at Ferris.

“I know that I can call any single person [in Pep Band], and they would be there,” YuhaszPratt said. “Not only would they be there, but they would run and give me everything I need dramatically fast and be freaking out. They really care.”

Pep Band members find support and encouragement in each other because the group was founded on companionship, not competitiveness.

“That’s what makes it such a good environment—no one is trying to beat out someone else for something and that’s what makes it so nice,” YuhaszPratt said.

Pep Band is always looking for additions to their Ferris family, and those interested can contact the band advisor Dale Skornia at

“Even if you’re not that great,” Goodrich said, “join anyway. It’s really fun, there are great people, and we can help you learn to play better.”