Mobile learning

Blackboard allows students to learn at their own pace

We’ve all experienced the love/hate relationship with Blackboard learning at Ferris.

More often than not, new changes in technology are frowned upon by anyone who isn’t necessarily “tech savvy.”

While technology continues to advance, professors and students have been becoming more dependent on it for learning and accessing class material. 

On Friday, Sept. 5, professors discussed a new application called Blackboard Mobile Learning.

Blackboard is a mobile app where teachers can post assignments, lectures, notes, and even have discussions about the class material.

“I’m a self-oriented learner and Blackboard makes it easy for me to learn at my own pace,” computer aided design sophomore Samantha Macdonald said. “It’s user friendly and makes my learning experience easy.”

Most teachers and professors that attended the presentation favored the idea of their students being able to access the class material anywhere and at any time they please. However, there are some negative aspects to the app.

Macdonald said that if there is little casino online to no Wi-Fi signal- which isn’t uncommon at Ferris- Blackboard is virtually useless.

“I like being able to do my work whenever I feel like it, but on the downside, it’s a little difficult trying to make myself remember to get my assignments done,” Professional Golf Management freshman Jack Weller said. “When there isn’t anybody to remind me, there’s no incentive.”

Another negative aspect that the professors found is that some students may not have access to mobile devices of their own, which makes it hard for them to be excited about an app they can’t use.

While the world of education continues to advance and change, students must rely more on technology and internet for their education and professors for their work.