Modern love

Don’t be a two-pump chump

I know you’ve heard the phrase “quality over quantity.”  Well, the same goes for bedroom activities.  Nobody cares that you’ve got 27 notches on your bedpost. Quite frankly, it just makes people think you’re probably infested with something nasty downstairs.

In my studies, observations and possible experiences, I’m finding that many hetero-couples have similar aspects when it comes to their sexual frustrations.  The guys might be a little insecure or maybe they just don’t care that they thrust only for a few minutes until they are at the point of no return.  They get theirs, then they’re done. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Now she’s frustrated, teetering at the edge, never getting to enjoy the free-fall. This is where quality comes in.

Sex is more than hitting it and quitting it- getting yours and hitting the road.  It’s an experience.  While nobody cares about how many partners you’ve had, if a girl is squealing to friends about how amazing you are in the sack, that’s free advertisement man.  It looks a lot better than you squealing to your buddies about your 27th time getting your rocks off.

What I’m saying is to make sure she gets hers, too.  You’re not sixteen anymore. Time to be a man. Let’s talk about foreplay, shall we?  Foreplay is a lovely little game of anticipation that helps her get further while keeping the boys steady.  Utilize it. Make the experience worthwhile and have fun with it! Play a little.  It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the journey!