Northern Lights to be visible in Michigan

A storm over 92 million miles away may afford Michiganders a rare view of the Northern Lights this weekend.

The Washington Post reported that the a major solar flare erupted on the sun which will cause a solar storm that will hit Earth on Thursday, September 11 and could stay as late as Saturday, September 13.

Unfortunately for lower peninsula residents on the 11 and 12, cloud cover may hamper their ability to catch the rare view of the solar phenomenon.

The lights could be visible as far south as Detroit barring cloud cover.

Light viewers are recommended to venture away from towns and areas with light pollution. Big Rapids, unlike Detroit, is low in light pollution, but driving a few miles north or south of Big Rapids is advised to increase your chances.

Potential viewers are also advised to keep an eye on the weather report for cloud cover. Breaks in cloud cover are expected on September 12, but there is a 90 percent chance of rain for the 13.

Cloud cover is not expected in the northernmost parts of lower peninsula Michigan on Friday, and all of the upper peninsula.