Turtle Tug

Students battle over a pit of Jell-o for an honorable cause

Swimming in pudding, bathing in money- we all have some weird items on our bucket lists. How about playing Tug-of-War over a giant tarp full of freezing cold Jell-O?

Thanks to the ladies of Delta Zeta, many students’ odd dreams came true at Turtle Tug on Thursday, Sept. 18.

Every team of five paid $20 to participate, and the profits from each team were donated to an honorable charity.

“All the profits from the Turtle Tug benefit the Painted Turtle Camp which is a camp that makes it possible for sick children to go to summer camp free of charge,” Delta Zeta philanthropy chair and nursing senior K. Lee Barnes said. “They still receive great medical care while enjoying their summer.”

According to thepaintedturtle.org, The Painted Turtle aims to reach beyond illness, to inspire children with life-threatening diseases to become their greater selves. It is their mission to provide a year-round, life-changing environment for these children and their families – one that allows children to participate in an authentic camp experience by supporting their medical needs and offers their families care, education, and respite.

“We got the Tug-of-War over Jell-O idea at our nationals, it’s actually done on many campuses across the country,” said Barnes.

Many students attended the event to support, cheer on their friends and take videos of them falling head-first into Jell-O.

“I came to support a few of the girls in the sorority, and I got a few of the other guys from Alpha Chi Rho together to form a team,” Television Digital Media Production junior Garet Foote said.

If you didn’t get the once in a lifetime opportunity to slide into a tarp of Jell-O, you’ll have to settle for a detailed description from someone who did.

“It was a lot of fun until I fell face first into the Jell-O,” welding engineering technology sophomore James Moll said. “It was gross and squishy and incredibly cold.”

The Turtle Tug was a success for Delta Zeta with great thanks to all the teams who participated and helped raise money for the Painted Turtle Camp.

For more information on how you can get involved with The Painted Turtle, visit thepaintedturtle.org.