Artist of the week


Combine four attractively rugged young men, a cultural and worldly background, and an accordion, and you’ve got Kongos.

Originating from Johannesburg, South Africa, but also spending much of their childhood in the city of London, these brothers are anything but ordinary. Dylan and Daniel’s soulful vocals combined with Johnny’s authentic accordion and Jesse’s raw percussions create the perfect blend of genuine vibes and hard rock tones.

Whether you’re getting ready for an all-night study session and need to stay awake, or just mellowing out in your room with some green tea and your headphones, Kongos’ culturally diverse sound is perfect for any occasion.

I first discovered Kongos last year on my Arctic Monkeys Pandora station with their most well known song, Come With Me Now. Their rough voices mixed with the angry, edgy tones in the track are enough to raise the hairs on the nape of anyone’s neck.

My other suggestions? Try “I’m Only Joking”, “Sex On The Radio”, or “Kids These Days”. If Dylan Kongos’ jawline and hair isn’t enough to make you love them, their music definitely will be.