Bustin Rhymes

Two seniors take the stage as a comedic rap group

Next time you want to discover some of the hidden talents here at Ferris, try checking out FSU Unplugged at Biggby Coffee or live music at Applebee’s on Monday nights, and you may hear comedic rap from two of Ferris State’s own students.

Seniors Evan Pazkowski and his partner, Siyong “Z” Lee have used FSU Unplugged to show off their comedic rapping skills.

“We were in Music Industry Management Association together, so we built our friendship there,” Lee said.

Lee and Pazkowski made the group discovery when they combined their witty humor and musical experience.

“One day, I spontaneously wanted to play at FSU Unplugged. Evan and I somewhat jammed before and we have similar music tastes, so we decided to give it a shot.”

The group warns that some of their material may be considered pretty “inappropriate” by some audiences due to the Kanye West and 2 Chainz covers.

This may not be for faint-hearted, classical music fans out there. It’s more appropriate for those college students looking for a laugh.

“Evan is a great guitar and bass player, and I’m a beatboxer. We also use an effect pedal called a loopstation in our performances,” Lee said.

For those who are unfamiliar with this piece of equipment, a loopstation is a pedal that allows performers to record phrases and have them be repeated throughout the song.  Basically, you can create a whole song with just two players.

“Our intention is not so serious toward this act. We do it just to have a good time, and the atmosphere is always full of energy. We just like to hang out with people and have a few drinks,” Lee said.

If you’re interested in sick beats and side-splitting humor, then you’re in for a treat with Pazkowski and Lee.