Hot Button

Students on this campus are having sex. They could be doing so right this very second.

I said it. What are you going to do about it? Get uncomfortable in your seat?

“Modern Love,” is a weekly column that covers an array of romantic topics from casual dating to sex. It is not meant to offend.

I will not make the blanket statement that all college students are crazed sex-fiends because it is patently untrue.

Our generation is sick of being told “I’ll explain it when you’re older.” We don’t like to be talked down to as if we’re not adults.

Sex is a perfectly natural and beautiful human process. Whatever people are using it for is up to that individual, not me or you.

I apologize if I offend religious beliefs, but it’s pretty obvious. If you have working eyes, ears and a working brain, you can tell what’s going on.

We cannot pretend at the Torch as individuals that we are (s)experts, but we are writing about it because it is something that happens here.

Not all of us are comfortable talking about it. I hope to God my mom doesn’t pick this story up. At the Torch, our job involves becoming comfortable out of our comfort zone, and this is where that philosophy has brought us.

We will not beat around the bush. When we feel there’s a topic related to sex or romance that we feel you should know about, we’re going to write about it. You have the right to know. We’re going to give it to you straight.

No pun intended.

Look at Ferris Crushes on a daily basis on Facebook. It drips with sexual tension between anonymous lovers.

Raise your hand if you wish your biggest Ferris Crush would just stand up in the middle of the Rock and just yell, “I love you.”

Love is one positive that we can write about. So much of news we see and read is negative. Don’t stand in the way of love or the expression of love just because you don’t understand it.

This paper will continue to talk about it, because it is something that takes place here.