Off the record with KC Zenner

The bearded wonder

KC Zenner has taken control over the safety spot that belonged to Marvin Robinson last season.

Zenner is enjoying a breakout season, in which he is leading his team in total tackles as well as solo tackles from the safety position as the last line of defense.

The bearded wonder has taken over this position from a former University of Michigan transfer in Marvin Robinson, who was a leader on the defense for Ferris last season.

In this column, Zenner talks about head coach Tony Annese’s big superstition, and how his beard reached it’s intimidating proportions.


TORCH-First off, coming into this season, what did you see your role being after your redshirt season?

KZ-I was just gonna try and help the team anyway possible, whether that be on scout team or maybe getting on a few special teams.

TORCH-At what point did you realize that you were going to get the opportunity to start?

KZ-The week of practice before our first game.

TORCH-How did you feel knowing you were going to get the chance to showcase your talents as a starter in only your first season playing?

KZ-I felt a lot of responsibility because I was replacing Marvin (Robinson), but I knew I just had to play my hardest and do whatever it took to win.

TORCH-Those are big shoes to fill filling in for Robinson, who had a shot at the NFL. Did you feel as though you just needed to shore up the spot or did you want to make it your own?

KZ-I know I can’t do a lot of things Marvin did, but it definitely gave me a lot of motivation because I didn’t want to let the team down and I didn’t want to be viewed a the weak link in our D by the other schools.

TORCH-Now that you have made some plays, do you feel as though teams are starting to notice that number 40 is roaming the defensive backfield?

KZ-I just try and play hard every down and I hope I can earn the respect of the other teams by doing that.

TORCH-All right, I’m gonna loosen you up a bit. Now you are working on a pretty epic beard right now; did you always want the bald plus beard combo?

KZ-(laughs) It’s something that I did in high school, so I just kept it going here.

TORCH-You look like a mean sumbitch, do you use it to your advantage on the field?

KZ-It’s more of a superstition thing. I like to keep in my routines and I always got my head shaved the day before a game.

TORCH-Who has the best superstition on the team

KZ-Coach Annese (laughs). He has the superstition that if we wear red-on-red, we will lose.

TORCH-Big question, what do you give Coach Annese’s belly flop against Saginaw out of ten? I’d say 5/10, he could have had better form.

KZ- (laughs) Perfect ten for me, I’ve never seen anything like it.

TORCH-Who is the next guy to get to the next level? I have seen a Buffalo Bills scout at every game so far this season.

KZ- Yeah, Marcus Cribbs has a good shot. He’s a beast, so hopefully someone will pick him up.

TORCH-Last question, how do you see this year’s defense performing down the road?

KZ-Hopefully we can keep getting better each week and continue to play fast and physical.