Artist of the Week


Genre: Alternative Rock

Like: Relient K, Taking Back Sunday, 30 Seconds to Mars

When you put the roughly angelic voice of lead singer Stephen Christian, the excellent guitar riffs of Joseph Milligan and Christian McAlhaney, the baseline of Deon Rexroat, and the powerful drumline of Nathan Young, you’ll get Anberlin.

Originally SaGoh 24/7, Anberlin is a band formed by three high school friends from Winter Haven, Florida. When asked about where the name came from, the band jokingly made up numerous stories for every time someone asked them, from the name Stephen planned for his daughter to his grandfather saving a little girl named Anberlin in World War 2.

Anberlin is a band that you can listen to regardless of what mood you’re in. Every album they released has a different, unique sound, ranging from Christian Rock, Acoustic, Punk Rock, and just plain Rock.

I discovered Anberlin after a friend of mine in high school changed his MySpace profile song to “Unwinding Cable Car.” Since then, that’s remained my favorite song, followed closely by “*Fin,” “Glass to the Arson,” and “Dismantle Repair.” Anberlin is the only band I can listen to every song by without getting bored of.

If you’re looking to start listening to them, I recommend starting with their album “Blueprints for the Black Market.” Of course, you should listen to every album because their music is wonderful.

You’ll love their music. Unique chill jams, be sure to give The Neighbourhood a listen.