The value of business

Ferris student starts own company

“I don’t make money unless they make money.”

This is the motto for J&D Management and Promotions. J&D is a small company that manages independent musicians of all different genres in Big Rapids.

“I’m trying to start up my own business,” Computer Science junior Joshua Moscatello said. “[J&D Management and Promotions] takes on independent artists and manage them. Most artists are good with their music, but not all of them have business experience, so I step in and help them set up plans.”

Moscatello started the business in March as a side project with two goals: to encourage and help young upcoming artist and musicians to pursue their dreams of making and performing music as well as supporting local music scenes and allow musicians a place to perform live within their hometowns.

One of the most well-known artists J&D manages is known as Speculation.

“Josh is our manager,” Nick Webber, the drummer of Speculations said. “He provides for us by making business decisions and by making sure we are headed in the right direction.”

Dan Mitkovski, the vocalist of Speculations, is not only a client, but also Josh’s partner in J&D.

“It’s awesome working with Josh,” Mitkovski said. “We have always been good friends and I’m really happy we decided to start this business together.”

According to Moscatello, many artists don’t understand why they need a manager.

“Truth is, many local artists aren’t booked because they don’t have a manager,” Moscatello said.

Having a manager can also help local or underground bands book gigs.

“People are skeptical when booking local artists,” Moscatello said. “But when a manager goes in and tries booking a show, it shows that the local band is more professional.”

Another one of J&D’s clients, DJ Basshead, is also happy with the management directions

“He has a great sense of humor and he knows how to handle business,” DJ Nick Robertson said. “Ever since I have been involved with J&D, I feel that it will be a great ride.”

DJ Basshead has been managed by J&D since the beginning of summer 2014.

“I met Josh this past summer when I was DJing at Cleopatra’s Hookah Lounge,” Robertson said. “Since then, he’s been getting me into DJing events, such as the south campus event for welcome weekend.”

J&D hosts their own shows, rents out and book venues and give artists a place to perform.

If you are interested in booking any of J&D’s clients or if you want to help host a concert or event, you can contact Moscatello or find the company on Facebook.