Be all you can be

Students discuss recent trends in Halloween costumes

Now that midterms are out of the way, students can start focusing on this year’s perfect Halloween costume.

Each year brings new trends in Halloween costumes. One of the go-to places for student Halloween shopping is Halloween USA on Northland Drive.

“Rave outfits and monster costumes have been some of the best-selling costumes,” Halloween USA employee Jeremiah Tolls said. “Of course, movie costumes like Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy have been pretty popular as well.”

Architectural technology sophomore Corey Nichols has heard similar claims.

“I heard that those superhero pajamas are pretty popular,” Nichols said. “It makes sense. You can go out, party and have lots of fun, then go straight to bed without having to change.”

Every year, old trends somehow come back from the grave. Some of these trends, however, might be better off dead.

“The women’s police costume needs to go away,” Tolls said. “It’s our best-selling costume, but I believe it’s just a trend that needs to die already.”

Biology and psychology junior Harmin Gil is tired of seeing the same thing every year.

“Anything with ears,” Gil said. “I don’t care if they’re cat ears, bunny ears or devil horns. I’m sick of them all.”

According to Gil, that isn’t the worst costume trend out there.

“Couple’s costumes are the worst,” Gil said. “Those ones where the couple dresses up as an outlet and a plug-in are awful. Nobody wants to see gross couple’s costumes. They’re old enough that they can just get a room instead.”

On the contrary, Nichols enjoys the idea of couple’s costumes.

“I think couple’s costumes are cute,” Nichols said. “I always get a kick out of those cheesy costumes.”

No matter what your style is, Halloween is the time to be creative and unleash your wild side.