When Scott Barger founded Ferris Shred a few years ago, he had one goal in mind: create an easygoing environment where boarders of all kinds can get together and share the same passion.

Whether your terrain of choice is asphalt or Aspen, Ferris Shred was made to celebrate all types of board sports whether it’s skateboarding, longboarding, or snowboarding.

When Barger graduated last year, he passed along the reins to Mechanical Engineering Technology junior Daniel Zinn and Computer Information Systems senior Blake Novosel.

“We started Shred for the love of board sports, specifically longboarding and snowboarding. We also wanted to bring the community together and make new connections,” said Novosel. “I started longboarding my freshman year but wanted to take my skills above and beyond just cruising around campus.”

“When I was introduced to the downhill scene, I got so into it that I now ride all over the state on a regular basis with riders from all over. We’re one big family here in Michigan,” said Zinn. “[Shred] is a way to get people who think boarding is cool to see a new level of the sport. It’s all about spreading the stoke.”

The last two years, Shred has hosted the Fat Rapids River Rush, a six-mile race on the river walk along with a slide jam on a local hill.

“Last year there were about 100 riders, and we’re hoping to see some more big numbers this spring. Also, we’re looking to start the first ever snowboard team this winter,” said Novosel.

Shred has a group on Facebook with over 200 members where boarders of all kinds can come together and talk about the hobbies they share, set up outings, and even buy, sell, or trade equipment.

“I found out about shred from members of the group, and I’m considering joining the snowboard team this winter,” said Psychology freshman Jacob Bleshenski.

Snowboarding, skateboarding, longboarding; whatever your forte, Shred was created so students can meet up, share stories, go on trips, ride together and just have fun.

For all students potentially interested in learning more about Shred or just meeting up with some cool people, contact Blake Novosel via Facebook.