The best?

If you hadn’t seen, Ferris football is 10-0, a top four team in the nation and has clinched a share of the conference title.

It’d be disappointing if you haven’t seen. It’s one of the most explosive teams in all divisions of college football.

In terms of total offensive yards per game, guess who’s in first in all of Division II?

Did you guess Ferris? If you did, you are correct. This football team gains 534.8 yards per game. Some teams are happy to have that in two games.

Fans want offense. Ferris has offense. The best offense in terms of yards gained.

Ferris is the number four best rushing team in Division II. This is a team that averages 341.8 yards on the ground per game. About a third of that comes from the quarterback, Jason Vander Laan, who is basically an NFL sized linebacker with a throwing arm.

On some plays, it takes more than five guys to tackle him. If he’s human, I’m not quite sure what species I am.

Vander Laan is a candidate for the Division II equivalent of the Heisman award, known as the Harlon Hill trophy. He’s the only active quarterback in all of college football with 50 rushing and 50 passing touchdowns in his career. As a member of this community, you get to see perhaps the finest player in the nation in this division.

Do yards not excite you? That’s fine. This team scores 48.0 points per game. For those keeping score, that’s third in the country. And they’ve scored 66 or more three times this season.

There are computer polls that say this is the best team in the country. This is a team that hasn’t lost a game in a calendar year. They’re on a school record 14-game winning streak and are a victory away from an undefeated regular season.

It’s time to party like it’s 1999.

Bring that party to Top Taggart Field, because if Ferris wins this next game, they’ll host an NCAA home playoff game.

The stadium packed over 5,800 fans for the Grand Valley game. I’ve been pondering over the last few games just how many fans this team could pack into Top Taggart.