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8 reasons why you should date an older man

Let me start off by giving you my definition of “older.” I live by the rule of thumb that if he is old enough to be my father, then he’s a no-go. However, there are many reasons why having a relationship with an older man is just all around better.

Older men have self-confidence. He isn’t worried about impressing his frat buddies or looking like the alpha male. Older men have been there, done that and discovered who they are. This ultimately makes them confident in themselves, and we all know that confidence is oh so sexy.

Older guys have a more stable tendency. No more dating absolute losers and wondering if you’ll have to pay for dinner tonight. Older guys are (usually) more stable and established.

Disclaimer: Losers do get older and not all of them actually grow up, so be able to identify if the prospective older guy is just a man-child.

You don’t have to worry about him being loyal. Trust issues are undoubtedly the most frequent and difficult issue in most relationships. When dating older men, gone are the lonely nights wondering if he went out without you, who he’s with or why he’s not texting you back. Older men have had their fun and appreciate the value of commitment and loyalty. For the most part, the young bucks just want to play.

It goes without saying- older men are definitely more experienced. Remember my article about not being a two-pump chump? Older men have this down to a science. They know what they like and how to please a woman. Let him take control and he might show you a few new things you didn’t even know you liked!

Maturity is not overrated. There’s nothing better than a man who can be serious and have serious conversations with you when necessary.

Ladies, we all know when a man has some nice facial hair. That perfect amount of scruff is just mouth-watering. Obviously, older men can not only grow it better and more evenly, but they also have more experience with taking care and maintaining their perfect scruffy look.

Older men have the advantage of intelligence in several areas. Not only can they have meaningful conversations with your family, but they have been places and seen things. They can provide perspective without coming off as obnoxiously opinionated. More stories, experiences, and better conversation are all a part of the package. Older men have also been in more relationships to learn from, so they know how to handle obstacles that might come your way.

Last, but not least, older men will devote themselves to take care of you. You don’t have to worry about if he’s going to be there for you when life kicks your ass. You won’t feel like he has better things to do because he will truly appreciate you.