Smeared food on Merrill Hall door

A round-up of this week's crime across the FSU campus

Nov 16 at 2:05 am, officers located a car crash in the east row of Lot 4. Vehicles were going to fast for conditions and slide off the side of the parking lot.

Nov. 16 at 7:10 pm, report of a one car accident on Campus Drive near Lot 27. Vehicle was driving too fast and ran off the road. Driver was ticketed for driving at excessive speeds.

Nov. 15 at 11:02 pm, report of a person in Westside Café entering without paying., Two subjects were removed from the facility and were referred to the office of student conduct.

Nov. 15 at 12:55 am, report of two intoxicated subjects in Ward hall. Hall staff were interacting with subjects prior to officer arrival. Both subjects were given MIP’s.

Nov. 16 at 8:44 pm, officers stopped a vehicle for driving without headlights on Warren Ave. near Spruce. Driver was ticketed for having a suspended driver’s license.

Nov. 15 at 12:25 am, officers stopped a vehicle for driving without headlights near Michigan Ave. Driver was found to be intoxicated and lodged in the county jail for driving under the influence.

Nov. 19 at 11:30 pm, report of a car radio stolen from an automobile. Officers say larceny occurred sometime between Nov. 16 and 19. Vehicle was parked in Lot 20.

Nov. 18 at 11 pm, officers were called to Merrill Hall regarding damage done to a door in the building. Unknown subject had smeared food on the door. Several subjects were spoken with and the matter was referred to hall staff.

Nov. 17 at 5 pm, student walked into the office complaining that his credit card has been fraudulently used by somebody. Officers investigated the complaint and arrested one student for credit card fraud. Subject was lodged in the county jail.

Nov. 19th at 1 am, officers encountered subjects with marijuana in Merrill Hall. Subjects were referred to the office of student conduct.

Nov. 17 at 9:45 pm, officers received a complaint of harassment. Victim reported being threatened in Lot 17 earlier that evening over an argument regarding a parking space.

Nov. 16 at 5 pm, officers assisted Sherriff’s department with a two-car collision that occurred on Southland Dr. just south of Big Rapids.

Nov. 17 at 9:30 pm, officers received information of a hit-and-run accident in Lot 5, officers were unable to locate the vehicle that fled the scene. Incident was reported by a witness who was unable to report the license number.