Mishler moves to new position

Staff member named new Associate Vice President for External Relations

Jeremy Mishler, a longtime staff member of Ferris in University Advancement and Marketing has been named Associate Vice President for External Relations.

Before taking his new position, Mishler served as the Director of Alumni Relations and Executive Director of the Alumni Association. Recently, Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association have been combined with the marketing and communications functions to form a more concentrated version of what it was before.

“Marketing, Communications, Alumni Relations, website content and development, social media, and media relations are the primary areas I will be responsible for,” said Mishler on his new position. “I’m really honored by the opportunity. I’m looking forward to doing my best to help lead a very experienced and great team of people who are all certainly recognized specialists in their field, and looking forward to doing my best to really help enhance their work and help to shepherd all of the new initiatives that are going to continue to build the brand of Ferris State University as everybody sees it.”

Mishler has been in University Advancement and Marketing for 16 years.

He started working in the alumni office part time while working on master’s degree in the criminal justice field, which was what brought him to Ferris State as a student.

“The criminal justice program is what drew me here,” said Mishler. “I really wanted to go to the best criminal justice program in our state, and that was Ferris.”

While at Ferris as a student, mentors encouraged him to go into a couple of other areas where he had transferable skills.

“I got involved,” Mishler said, “in a relatively new student organization at the time called the Student Alumni Gold Club, and that’s where I got my exposure to the Alumni Relations office. I became an involved student in an RSO that’s part of our Alumni Association.”

From working part time in the Alumni Office in his student days, Mishler has moved up through UA&M positions and now serves his new position as Associate Vice President for External Relations, and also remains the Executive Director of the Alumni Association.

“I think my time at Ferris, including being a student and now a professional who’s had a number of different opportunities at the university along the way, was life-changing for me,” said Mishler. “Not only did I get a fantastic foundation in education from one of our leading programs, but the faculty and staff who mentored me along the way prepared me to be ready to step into different opportunities where I could use my skills to both grow professionally and serve the institution that served me so well.”