Modern Love

The boys are alright

In a society that’s so quick to judge, it’s easy to always place the blame on someone besides yourself.

Log on to Twitter for just five minutes and I’ll bet my left arm that you’ll see dozens of tweets about how guys always screw girls over. All men are evil and have hearts of ice similar to that of Hitler. Right?

Wrong. The truth is, not all guys are bad. While some of them are just looking for the average ‘hit it and quit it’, there’s also a plethora of good guys out there who genuinely are capable of caring for another person.

The sad reality is that many of these guys get friend-zoned and rejected by girls who are chasing the mysteriously sexy bad boys who are only going to treat them like an object. It isn’t fair to the guys who want to treat you right when you’re complaining to them about how “all men are pigs, they’re all the same.” Oh, shut up. We all know damn well that isn’t true.

The cycle goes as follows: Guy meets girl. Girl leads guy on. Guy gets his hopes up, and girl chooses the bad boy. Guy gets his feelings and ego torn down, and therefore falls under the impression that in order to get girls, you have to be an asshole.

Now I would like to take a moment to applaud the men who have been hurt by a girl and, instead of turning bitter and cold, get out there and try again. There is a special place in the afterlife for you guys filled with unlimited beer and pizza, Red Wings season tickets and Kate Upton.

I would also like to take a moment to send out a public service announcement to the ladies reading this. Guess what, ladies, if you’re constantly finding heartbreak and failed relationships, maybe it’s a sign to give some other guys a chance. Stop chasing the guys who don’t care about you and broaden your horizons a bit.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe we also make our fair share of mistakes? Guys get cheated on by their girlfriends, too. They get lied to, betrayed, and hurt just as much as we do. Of course no one ever talks about this, because it’s easier to blame the sexist, degrading, man-scum of the world.

I find it sad that guys always have to take the bad reputation. Coming from a girl who is treated like a princess in her current relationship, I can promise you that it is more than possible to go out and find a good guy. If I did it, so can you.

My advice all you good guys out there: keep doing you. Even if girls don’t see and appreciate how kind and caring some of you are, I do, and the right one will too.