Success is coming his way

Ferris football player doubles as entrepreneur and author

Ferris football player Ben Hinamanu is a published author and an entrepeneur and has yet to graduate college. Hinamanu’s slogan, “Success is Comng Our Way,” is abbreviated “SCOW,” which shows on many of his clothes.
Ferris football player Ben Hinamanu is a published author and an entrepeneur and has yet to graduate college. Hinamanu’s slogan, “Success is Comng Our Way,” is abbreviated “SCOW,” which shows on many of his clothes. Michael A. Corn
Take a look at what you’ve accomplished so far in your life. Are you proud?

Most of us probably aren’t quite done with our life goals, but one Ferris student is making a killing on his bucket list.

Marketing senior Benjamin Hinamanu came to Ferris on a football scholarship, finding his sweet spot as the Bulldogs’ running back.

As if moving to a new town, his very first load of college classes, and commitments to football didn’t put enough on his plate, Hinamanu decided to take on another challenge during his freshman year.

He became an entrepreneur, creating his own clothing line called S.C.O.W. (Success is Coming Our Way).

“Authentic growth helped propel it into the right direction,” Hinamanu said. “It has room for improvement, but its growth has been genuine and that’s the best part to me.”

Facing personal hardships in his life, Hinamanu used those obstacles to fuel the inspiration behind S.C.O.W.

“Paying attention to the progress around me helped me create something that could be universally appreciated,” Hinamanu said.

Hinamanu used S.C.O.W. in hopes to create a community or support system that can help people overcome their own obstacles.

“I simply think that everyone deals with their own trials and tribulations in life,” he said, “Why not put that support system into something you can wear around that looks good?”

According to Hinamanu, his strategy for starting his own business was that of trial an error and asking lots of questions to clothing companies, friends, and business people.

“It took me a lot of patience to put my pride away and to just put myself and my questions out there publicly,” Hinamanu said. “Everyone is somewhat of a competitor, so them helping you could hurt their business.”

Criminal Justice junior Ericka Halfmann has had a front row seat to Hinamanu’s ambitions and successes for the duration of their seven year long friendship.

“I think that hard work and determination play a huge part in Ben’s success, not only with S.C.O.W., but with school and football too!” Halfmann said.

“Not taking no for an answer and just pushing forward, even if all odds are against him is what got him where he’s at today and what will help him continually succeed in all that he does.”

Not only is Hinamanu now the founder of a popular clothing line, he became a published author on his 21st birthday.

Side Notes of Growing Up was published on Jun. 18, 2014 by Schuler Bookstore. Hinamanu is currently working on a contract with Schuler that will allow the book to be distributed in 39,000 different bookstores across the world.

“Growing up and growing old are two things I learned the hard way,” Hinamanu said. “This book defines my understanding of what it means to experience things in life and take away a deeper understanding of everything.”

Side Notes of Growing Up discusses topics like communication and patience in relationships to allow progress to naturally occur.

“Re-appreciating people and what they offer has always been something I tried to put into words,” Hinamanu said. “Finally verbs, nouns, and adjectives came together and let people understand my mind and my sense of empathy towards the world.”

The inspiration behind Side Notes of Growing Up was simply adding positivity.

“Knowing that my generation’s progress in the world was limited by the amount of people that were dedicated to having a voice made me want to write,” Hinamanu said.

Like many people that get to know Hinamanu’s story, Halfmann is amazed at the hard work and responsibility her friend takes on, despite being in college.

“I think that all of his achievements are awesome,” Halfmann said. “Not many people at the age of 21 can say they have a book that’s being sold by Schuler’s or be able to say they have a clothing line that you can hardly go anywhere without seeing someone wearing. Then, he has to put football, school, and friends on top of all of that, and I think he does a good job of balancing them. It just goes to show not only how hardworking he is, but also how determined he is to reach his dreams and shoot for the stars.”

Hinamanu keeps a strict schedule to balance being a college student, football player, an author, and an entrepreneur with his own clothing line.

“There is a quote I always repeat in my head whenever I’m running on two or three hours of sleep,” Hinamanu said. “’I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom’ by Thomas Carlyle.”

Hinamanu is currently working on his second book, Scare Me, August, which will also be made into a movie.

“Getting my degree next fall, winning a national championship with my brothers on the football team, writing books, making movies, and helping S.C.O.W. grow to new heights are my goals this year,” Hinamanu said. “I’m turning 22 in June, and I’m far from bored in life.”