Love, Life, and Death

Ferris State Theater to hold auditions for upcoming play

Everybody’s got their niche. For some, it could be dancing, painting, or running. For the Ferris students in the FSU Theater group, their calling is acting.

FSU Theater is an unofficial club on campus composed of students who share a mutual love of the theater, whether it be singing, acting, directing, or working behind the scenes.

If you’ve got an itch to get up on stage, FSU Theater is holding auditions for their unique, entirely student-driven upcoming play, Love Life & Death.

“This year, with our director on sabbatical, several students have stepped up to direct one-act plays,” English BA senior and student director of Love Life & Death Paul Darnton.

These student directors include Devin Anderson, Isaac Wilson, Corey Nichols, and Darnton himself.

“Love, Life and Death is an anthology of four short plays, the longest running slightly over 40 minutes and the shortest ending around 20 minutes,” Elementary Education junior Isaac Wilson said. “The first two plays will take place during the first half, then the intermission, and the last two plays.”

The series of plays vary from an experimental thriller to comedic drama that will surely give the audience a rollercoaster of a night.

Auditions for Love, Life and Death will be held January 27 and 28; callbacks if needed will be the 29.

Love, Life and Death will be Wilson’s 6th production as a part of FSU Theater.

“My first play as part of the group was Legally Blonde, I played the role of Warner,” Wilson said.

The group usually does a musical production in the fall, and a more serious, dramatic play in the spring.

“I’ve always been a theater kid,” Darnton said. “When I came to Ferris, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the theater community here. I’ve really connected with everyone in the group, and with a bit of luck, have made some lifelong friends.”

Love, Life, & Death is set to premiere on Thursday, March 26 and running until the 29.