The happiest place on Earth

Ferris students get the opportunity to intern at Disney

As kids, many of us often dreamt of one day being able to visit the magical world of Disney.

For those of us whose childhood dreams have yet to come true, the Disney Internship Program Alumni Association is the RSO on campus that will help take you to the happiest place on earth.

The Disney Internship program is offered to all college students, current or graduate.

The program is located in either Orlando, FL, or Anaheim, California. Students also have the opportunity to gain college credit through the internship.

“Students have to apply online and once their application is complete, they’re sent through two interviews, online and then over the phone,” Hospitality and Tourism Resort Management junior Hannah Glover said.

While the internship is paid, Glover encourages students to participate for the experience and connections.

“I went to Orlando in January of 2013 as a lifeguard cast member,” Glover said. “I was super excited, but also really nervous because this was my first time being far away from home. After my first two weeks of being homesick I started to interact more with my coworkers and make more connections.”

Aside from working in the parks and gaining on the job experience, participating students can take advantage of the opportunity by exploring everything Disney has to offer.

“I remember the nightly trips to Magic Kingdom with a few friends, riding Pirates of the Caribbean, and finally watching the firework show every evening,” said Glover.

Students participate in the internship for a semester of their choice, starting in either the fall or spring.

“I’ll be in the program from February 2 until August 7,” said Graphic Design sophomore Samantha Neering. “I’m actually in a hotel in Georgia right now, on my way to Florida!”

Students apply for jobs such as operating rides, working in restaurants, and cleaning hotel rooms.

Neering will be working in attractions and sharing a three bedroom apartment with five other women in the program.

“I heard about the program when I was 15, and since then I’ve been waiting for my chance to apply,” Neering said. “I have a slight obsession with Disney so knowing I get to spend six months there is literally my dream come true.”

For more information, students can visit or contact Hannah Glover at