Lessons with FRIENDS

No one told us life was going to be this way

1997. Most of us were just toddlers running around wearing light up sneakers, drinking out of Barney the Dinosaur sippy cups and fighting naptime.

Well, now it is 2015 and we are walking around wearing less obnoxious shoes, drinking Starbucks, although to be fair, we still sip and it still has a lid, and we are fighting to find the time to take a nap. Yet, when we do have the precious time away from class, work, or RSOs, we tend to do something else. In 1997, bae was born.
Netflix seems to take up the majority of my spare time, and I know I am not alone here. Who knew that $7.99 a month could buy so much happiness? Now, I know that you’re thinking, “I use my friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s mom’s account.” But in the long run someone is paying $7.99 a month for a whole lot of happiness.  I don’t blame you either, on a college campus $7.99 could buy a drink at Starbucks or few meals at McDonalds.

As we all know at the beginning of the year Netflix released an all-time favorite show, FRIENDS. Well, at least I thought it was an all time favorite show. It is to me at least. I grew up watching and re-watching (multiple times) this comedy. However, it seems that people are just now being introduced to the hilarious six, but it is better now than never I guess.
Students can learn just as much binge watching FRIENDS as they could staying up all night studying for a medical micro biology exam, Dr. Ryan might disagree, but we can all learn important life lessons from watching FRIENDS.
Rachel taught us many life lessons, the first one being always wear a bra on T.V., secondly, she taught us that we have to do what we want, not what our parents expect of us, if you want to be a hat, be a hat. Pheobe taught us that when two people fall in love they are each other’s lobsters. Ross taught us how you should not leave teeth whitener on longer than the package says and that when getting a spray tan count to five without “Mississippi.” Joey taught us… well maybe he didn’t teach us a whole lot of anything, except that your dream career may not be great all the time, but never to give up. Chandler and Monica taught us to laugh at ourselves and that things can never be too clean. They also taught us that friends fall in love.
I could go on and on about everything I learned from this show, but the biggest thing I learned, is that one episode is not enough of anything. It is impossible to only watch one episode of anything on Netflix before going to bed; we may be sleep deprived the next day or not get the best grade on exams, but in the end it is worth it because Netflix is bae.