Modern Love

The Giver

It has been said that relationships should be 50-50. Well, I believe it should be 100-100. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of never working out the way it should, so things tend to be more 40-60 or 30-70.

There is always someone that will go a little further for the other. The one that cares a little more and loves a little harder. That’s why we call them the givers.

Givers put everything they have into the relationships they are in. To their partner, it’s just one chapter, but to a giver, the relationship is the whole book.

Naturally, givers are the best kind of people to be in a relationship with. More so when you’re both givers. But you know what? Most of the time, being a giver kind of sucks.

Givers expect to receive the same affection, commitment, and unconditional love as they provide because that’s the only way it makes sense to them.

It’s hard for us to understand how you can be in love with someone and not be completely smitten with them. Why wouldn’t you want to shower them with love to show your appreciation for their very existence?

While we enjoy catering to our lovers, in the same note, all we want is to be shown the same love and appreciation. Some of us are lucky enough to find someone that can provide that for us. Or, you end up falling in love with someone that is about 0% romantic.

Do you know how hard it is being a complete giver and being engaged to someone who is not in the least bit romantic or affectionate? Frustrating.

Everything about being a giver is bittersweet. Yes, we are the best type of lover to have, but since we are so giving, we’re easily taken for granted.

We’re also clingy. We set the bar high for both our significant others and ourselves, yet we are the ones always left disappointed.

Despite all of that, there is always one very rewarding aspect of being the giver of a relationship: they will never find anyone better than you.